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Elite Biomechanical Design was formed in 2010 by Mike Casey, BOCO, and Matt Daniels, CP. As we have developed and grown over the years, we have worked hard to assemble the best team we have ever seen, providing comprehensive, outcomes based medicine specializing in prosthetic limb replacement and orthopedic bracing.

Let us show you some of our work

  • Personal Attention

    We take personal care of all of our clients and can customize your orthotics to your personal style.

  • Professional Staff

    All of our staff are professional and courteous with years of experience to help answer all of your questions.

  • Latest Technology

    Every time a new technology hits the market, our practitioners take the opportunity to educate themselves and stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the field.

Client Testimonials

I want to personally thank you Matt and everyone at Elite Design for all you have done for John! He can be difficult to please:) But he is very happy with what you have done. That would be unexplainable if you didn’t enjoy what you do. And you’ve experienced it first hand (or leg lol). That’s what makes you so special and great at what you do. John wouldn’t have been able to walk down the aisle with me otherwise. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


I’ve had my 4TH Prosthetic leg for a couple of months now & it’s almost as good as the real leg! It’s Solid & Secure! This newest one Is Great! If it weren’t for Matt & Mike I wouldn’t have A leg to stand on !!! They’re The Best in my Book & they deserve All my Praise & Friendship!!!

Mike Nutt

Kudos to Mike. The improvised wheelchair sideboard brace he made for me has been working real well. It’s keeping my scoliosis in check and improving my posture considerably. His creation of this sideboard enables me to have less pain from the severe spinal stenosis I’ve been living with! Thanks from my wife, Pamela, also as she gets much relief from her back pain by using the board you made for her.

Lawrence Mayerle

I work with disabled adults. Two weeks ago I brought a client into your office to get a strap replaced on his brace. Not only did you help us on your lunch break, you did not charge for your time or materials. In my years of experience, I have never dealt with someone with such generosity and dedication. It’s not every day we have the pleasure to deal with companies such as yours. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your work in our community and your dedication to your patients. It’s people like you that make working with people truly a pleasure!


Meet Our Team

We offer the best support and service you can imagine.  All of our staff are professional and courteous with years of experience to help answer all of your questions.

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